The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte announced the shutdown of the government and his resignation (PHOTOS)

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte announced that his government ends. He stated this on Tuesday, speaking in the Senate (upper house of Parliament), reports TASS. “Dear friends of “Movement “5 stars” (one of the two ruling parties. – Approx. TASS), this completes the work of our government,” said Conte.

He also said that after the meeting of Senate to discuss the political situation and a government crisis caused by the collapse of the ruling coalition, it will give into the hands of the President, Sergio mattarella, the official resignation.

While Conte has expressed deep regret about the termination of the office, which still was, in his words, a very fruitful and for the good of the country. He also pointed out that the crisis threatens Italy’s serious risks and puts in a vulnerable position. Conte was accused of irresponsibility of his Deputy – the Minister of internal Affairs and leader of one of the two ruling parties (the”League”) – Matteo Salvini, calling him an opportunist.

In Italy, a situation the government crisis after August 8, Deputy Prime Minister, the interior Minister announced that the parliamentary majority formed after the elections in March 2018, does not exist, and called for new elections. However, in the midst of summer vacation to discuss the situation and the Prime Minister has been postponed. The current government in the “Movement “5 stars” and the “League” was sworn in on June 1, after three months of consultations. Coalition Cabinet worked on the basis of the program of 30 priorities.

In practice, the President may accept the resignation of the Prime Minister with the formula “in performing routine duties until the appointment of a new government.”