The Prime Minister promised the price of gas “lower than last winter”

In Ukraine the tariffs for the population in the payment should be less than last winter, even in the absence of a contract for the supply of Russian gas to EU through Ukrainian territory.

Премьер пообещал цену на газ «ниже, чем прошлой зимой»

As the correspondent of the Nova Vlada, this was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk during the opening of the Office of counter-raiding in Kiev.

We are determined to do everything we can to ensure that this winter people in the payment is given the smaller numbers. Realizing the risk that in the absence of the transit contract for the supply of gas from Russia to European Union via Ukraine, we have taken the necessary steps (and the company “Naftogaz” also), and ensure that the price of gas did not grow, “—said the head of government.

He also added that the Cabinet of Ministers and Naftogaz will actively work to ensure that ordinary consumers, the price of gas “was guaranteed to be lower than it was last winter”.

So even in a worst case scenario, the price of gas was lower than last winter, “—said the Chairman of the Cabinet.

Goncharuk also explained that, in General, to give the exact price will be possible only when there will be final negotiations on gas transit contract with Russia.