The Prime Minister promised to compensate Ukrainians for the “communal”

The Cabinet of Ministers plans to compensate the citizens of a certain percentage of utility bills that will increase because people will stay at home in quarantine.

Премьер-министр пообещал возмещение украинцам за «коммуналку»

This was stated by Prime-Minister Denis Shmyhal at the government meeting, RBC-Ukraine online reports.

Smigel instructed the economy Ministry to calculate the amount of funds and categories of citizens, as well as the needs of the budget on compensation of utility payments at the time of introduction of quarantine in Ukraine.

“That is, we decree entered quarantine. We encourage people to be home. Therefore, the state should assume a partial refund of public services, which will grow due to the constant presence of people in isolation at home,” he said.

According to him, the economy Ministry should study the instructions of the head of government for three days.

“Please calculate the percentage of reimbursement, the amount which is necessary, by necessity of the citizens or to say that it should be La all, without exception… For the next Cabinet to make proposals,” he added.