The Prime Minister said the change amounts to the payment of Ukrainians

Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk said that the decrease in the price of heat for the Ukrainians was influenced by a warm winter and gas reserves that have been accumulated in storage pending gas crisis.

Премьер рассказал, как изменятся суммы в платежках украинцев

He said this on air of TV channel “Ukraine 24” reports “Hvil”.

The Prime Minister said in December the price of gas in Ukraine decreased significantly.

“This year, as a result of actions of the President’s team, market trends we significantly lower the price of gas and the warmer winter that affected it, and the fact that many pending gas crisis have accumulated stocks… the Price of gas is gradually reduced, we saw that in December the price is much lower,” — said Goncharuk.

He also added that the President instructed to develop a mechanism to reduce prices in the payment of Ukrainians.

“The President instructed to develop a mechanism to display a price reduction in the payment. For 35% of the population — they pay for heat as for utilities. And it generates heat the heat generating company. These companies are natural monopolies, therefore, the tariff is set NKREKU. This rate was set based on the price of gas last year. We looked … it is not fair that people get large bills.
Today, we have actually given a tool to local authorities on how to reduce bills at the percentage of how much cheaper gas”, — said the Prime Minister.

In the current rates, according to Alexey Goncharuk, were high last year, the price of gas.

According to the head of the government, today at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a decision which local authorities are entitled to set field prices for gas for consumers.

“In fact, to reduce bills for people in December by approximately 20-25%, depending on the city,” – said the Prime Minister.

However, he did not rule out the growth of utility tariffs in the future, as the Ukrainians have to get used to living in market conditions.

“It so happened that this winter we have a market mechanism… We can’t intervene in a particular city, but we made conditions that provide the cheapest gas that meets the market”, — he said.

The Prime Minister Goncharuk said that from 24 December 2019 suppliers can list bills.