The Prime Minister will bring order with a “green” tariffs

The government is at the final stage of negotiations with investors in the renewable energy sector to address the issue of “green” tariff.

Премьер-министр наведет порядок с «зелеными» тарифами

This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal — reports Hvylya, citing a TV channel of Ukraine.

“We are now in the final stages of negotiations with investors in renewable energy. For what? We want to see in Ukraine there were a lot of alternative energy, it is the purest, it is the cheapest. The issue price we pay,” said Smigel.

The Prime Minister noted the need to reduce “green” tariffs to an acceptable level.

However, he added that thanks to government action, the cost of electricity for the population will remain at current levels.

“We should not forget that 10 years ago was the first solar power plant, the tariff for generation of electricity which was 45 UAH per 1 kilowatt. The population is now paying, and will pay 1.68 hryvnia. For comparison: 46 hryvnia per 1 kWh, solar plants at present, there are. Of course, they have very little, but such tariffs also have to generate electricity. It is necessary to direct and order, than we also are engaged”, – said the Prime Minister.