The principal cause of heart disease in women


As researchers found, women after the age of 40 whose risk of cardiovascular diseases is approaching that of men, a little move.

Найдена основная причина болезней сердца у женщин

American scientists have found that most cases of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. This writes Medical News Today. Experts conducted a study on the health of women aged 40 to 64 years.

As researchers found, more than half of women diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, always neglected the sport. Simply put, they are the youth did not pay attention to physical exercise. Also in this age group in principle was not enough for women who play sports.

Earlier, another group of scientists conducted a long study, which showed that balanced diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in women by 25%. In particular, women to reduce the risk recommended Mediterranean diet. It is based on a large number of plant foods, products from durum wheat, lean meat, fish and olive oil.

Experts believe that most cases of cardiovascular disease in women can be prevented through proper diet and sports. And, the sooner a woman begins to take care of your health, the lower her risk in the future.

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