The problems that await the Russian people in the United States: the experience of immigrants

Almost all left for work or other reasons, in the US, the Russian people are talking about the same problems. And avoiding them is almost impossible, as life in the US is far from our mentality. This tells the author of the channel Made in USA “Yandex.Zen”.

Проблемы, которые ожидают русского человека в США: опыт иммигрантов

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Experience shows that even after several years of living in the US, many Russian and can’t come to an understanding of certain aspects. And almost all admit that this complicates their lives. Although born in the U.S. Russian children, or those who came here in childhood, such problems are not observed.

How many degrees outside?

America is a big country and home to most climate zones. In Texas even warm in winter, but in Florida — the real tropics. At the same time, somewhere in Minneapolis can be quite a Siberian frosts. So the weather forecast is very important, without knowing about the temperature, get out of the house is not recommended.

And here for the Russian people, the real problems start — the scale of Fahrenheit. It can completely confuse a person, because 0 degrees Celsius is 32 Fahrenheit, well 10 heat-in our opinion- will have as many as 50 Americans. As a result, many often dress either too warmly, or not enough heat.

Endless pounds and gallons

In continuation of the conversation about the strange American system of measures that annoys the Russians, we will move in the average store. In search of milk, we find there are a huge bottle for a gallon, which is equal to 3.78 liters. Not 3.7 or 3.8, and three to seventy-eight! Anyway, who needs this much milk?

More Russian enrage pounds, which in the U.S. measures instead of kilograms. But 1 pound is 0.45 kilograms, so familiar to us packs there half the time. Many have noticed that I bought less than needed, simply noting the unit of measurement. And that’s not to mention the fact that taxes in the price indicated on the price list are not included, and at the checkout it is necessary also to overpay.

American “hypocrisy”

No, in our highly competitive time “man is a wolf” almost always. Betrayal can be expected even from friends to relatives, not to mention dreaming to unseat colleagues at work or talking behind the back shit in your neighbor’s address.

But if Russia is perceived negatively, in the US, according to Russian, for people such behavior is in order. Most likely, the Russian is confusing that Americans are all and always smiling. And for our man this smile is a hint of the location, although in most cases it is not. In General typical of failed expectations.

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