The Professor said, is it harmful to eat meat with blood

The food industry is aimed at the “recovery” foods, and even growing meat in laboratories. The Professor explained why in the future people will eat insects, and is it harmful to eat meat with the blood.

Профессор рассказал, вредно ли есть мясо с кровью

Locusts better beef

“The locust contains more protein than beef and other meats. We are now making Supplement from the shells of locusts that could enrich her meat products. It is a useful substance that it helps to control body weight, protect against cancer. Israel is now a boom in grasshoppers — they are buying up expensive restaurants”.

Moreover, the Professor talked about the fact that the value of beef is greatly exaggerated. She’s got really specific, like no taste, but on nutritional value, there is nothing special.

But there is a useful feature beef tongue — a large number of the amino acid tryptophan. It helps to develop the “happiness hormone” serotonin. That is, its effect is similar to the candy bar and the nutrition value is much higher the last.

Meat with blood

“Meat with blood it is not blood, and the so-called protein juice. All the blood is drained during slaughter. If the manufacturer is honest and delivers a quality product, the problems should arise. But I would not risk. Yes, it is believed that such meat has more vitamins will continue, but even if you lose out on 100 mg of any vitamins, better go buy them at the pharmacy than to risk of infectious contamination”.