The promoter of the Barbel reacted sharply to the proposal to give the boxer the citizenship of the Russian Federation

Промоутер Усика резко отреагировал на предложение предоставить боксеру гражданство РФ

The promoter of former undisputed world champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik Alexander Krasyuk has sharply responded to the offer of assistance of the Secretary-General of the Federation of Boxing of Russia of Umar kremleva citizenship of the Russian Federation Usyk and Vasyl Lomachenko.

“This man (Kremlev – approx. has no right to mention the name of Usyk and Lomachenko, – Krasyuk noted in the comment to the correspondent And he knows why…”.

Recall, the Secretary-General of the FBI said earlier that Russia is ready to provide Usyk and Lomachenko citizenship, after the athletes have made to the base of the site “Peacemaker”.

Usyk and Lomachenko starred in the documentary film “Hello, brother! Christ is risen”. In it they talked about the fact that Ukrainians and Russians are “one people”.

On 7 may, the site “Peacemaker” brought the boxers to his base “because of the denial of the Russian aggression, manipulation of public opinion and participation in propaganda actions of Russia”.