The Prosecutor’s office of Austria presented to the court official charges against 71-year-old retired Colonel (PHOTO)

The Prosecutor’s office brought in the Land court of Salzburg formal charges against the prisoner in November last year, the 71-year-old Colonel in the Austrian army retired, as the case of espionage in favor of Russia, reports TASS.

“The defendant is accused of at least 25 years of espionage activity in favor of the Russian military intelligence service “GRU” (GRU, now GU) in the Commission of a crime connected with the activities of the secret intelligence service to the detriment of Austria, in the crime of betrayal of state secrets and intentional disclosure of military secrets”, – reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s office of Salzburg.

The Prosecutor’s office and police Department of Salzburg said that the investigation of the case against a retired Austrian military conducted jointly with the regional office for protection of Constitution and fighting terrorism (counter-intelligence).

The indictment was based on information on Bank accounts of the accused, the examining seized media and interviewing witnesses. The accused denies having made.

“According to the indictment, the Colonel since 1993, spied for the Russian military intelligence and was given his officer-supervisor comprehensive information about military spectrum of the Armed forces of Austria, in particular the weapons systems and the tasks of ground and air forces,” said the investigators.

The authorities of Austria to 2018 said that the conduct of the investigation against retired Colonel of the Austrian army, the suspect in the transfer of Russian military intelligence for 20 years information about the Austrian military aircraft, artillery systems, policymakers and the migration crisis. According to the Austrian authorities for his activities he received 300 thousand euros.

A retired Colonel of the army of Austria is under arrest since November 30, 2018, for fear of the investigators that he may commit a crime again. The suspect, according to the lawyer, does not consider himself a spy, and he is not divulged state secrets to the detriment of Austria. In the case of confirmation of suspicions, the accused could face up to 10 years in prison.

In July 2019, the Ministry of interior of Austria declared internationally wanted citizen of Russia Igor Zaitsev on suspicion in the Main office (former GRU) of the General staff of the armed forces and receiving classified information to the detriment of the Republic of Austria. 65-year-old Russian is suspected of recruiting Colonel of the Austrian army, who was arrested in 2018 in the case of the transfer of sensitive information of Russia.

Their first meeting was held in 1987 for passing secret military information. Former Austrian Colonel does not give evidence in the case Zaitsev.