The Prosecutor’s office of Bulgaria accused the first Secretary of the Russian Embassy in espionage (PHOTOS)

In Bulgaria the Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against a Russian diplomat on charges of espionage. This is stated in the message published on the official website of the Department. However, the case is suspended because a person has diplomatic immunity, reports TASS.

“Specialized Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case for a crime against the Republic in respect of a foreign national for September 2018 in the country face a foreign citizen – collected to transfer to a foreign state information representing a state secret”, – stated in the message. We are talking about information “relating to the interests of Bulgaria, EU and NATO.”

Prosecutors claim that we are talking about the Russians, who held meetings with the Bulgarian citizens who have access to classified information. It is also known that the suspect held the position of first Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

“On 25 October the chief Prosecutor of the Erase Nazarov officially informed the foreign Minister on the facts found during the investigation, and the actions of the Prosecutor’s office”, – stated in the message.

Bulgaria was asked to withdraw the Russian diplomat in respect of whom opened a case about spying. “The Bulgarian side expressed the wish that the Embassy staff were withdrawn on Monday, the rest of the day. According to the foreign Ministry the person has left the territory of Bulgaria”, – said the representative of the Bulgarian foreign Ministry after the meeting with the Russian Ambassador, which took place on 25 October.

Recall that in early September, the charges of espionage were brought against the Chairman of the Bulgarian National movement “Russophiles” Nicholas Malinovo. After that the Bulgarian authorities for ten years closed entry into the country of his Russian business partners: the Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies and Lieutenant-General in reserve Leonid Reshetnikov, who is also the Deputy Chairman of the society “double-Headed eagle” and the Russian billionaire, the head of the holding “Tsargrad” Konstantin Malofeev.

Malofeev is listed in, among other things, Chairman of the Society for the development of Russian historical education, “double-Headed eagle”.

In addition, the billionaire founder of TV channel “Tsargrad” Konstantin Malofeev is one of the key figures responsible for Russian expansion in Europe, in particular the “hybrid war” in Ukraine. He is considered a “sponsor” of the Pro-Russian militias fighting under the flags of DNR and LNR, although he Malofeev claimed to be acting on purely humanitarian grounds. The billionaire has also supported the idea of joining Russia is not only Crimea, but Eastern Ukraine. For involvement in aggression in Ukraine, Malofeev has included in the sanctions list.

“In Bulgaria, the work of Russian spies. Only in the Russian Embassy in Sofia there are about 68. Outside the walls of the Embassy, there are several hundred and their names are known. We had a great opportunity to kick one or two of them about the poisoning Skripal in London, but we did not,” – said in a television broadcast, the former Minister of foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Solomon Passy. His words are quoted by “Novaya Gazeta”.