The protests of Popovtsev held at the Independence square

In Kiev on the Maidan of Independence, on may 3, were single protests of individual entrepreneurs (FOP) for the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Several dozen people spoke out against the quarantine, for the right to work and equal opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Протесты ФОПовцев прошли на майдане Независимости

About the protest in Facebook wrote one of its members, and public figure Sergei dorotich.

The protesters came to the square with homemade placards, on which were written the slogans: “call off the murderous fiscalisation”, “Small business in quarantine”, “entitled to work”, “we have to Defend the simplified system of taxation”.

Entrepreneurs trying to comply with the quarantine restrictions: all of them were wearing PPE, they kept a safe distance.

Before the action Dorotich published requirements. proposed FLP:

  1. Quickly remove restriction and run the entire business of the country subject to sanitary and hygiene requirements.
  2. At the legislative level to repeal taxes on business, which was forbidden to conduct business in a period of quarantine.
  3. A moratorium on business inspections before the reform of regulatory bodies.
  4. Quickly cancel murderous fiscalisation for micro-entrepreneurs and criminal cashback.
  5. To provide preferential loans for small business with straightforward, simple and clear conditions of issuance.