The province has gone back on their word in relation to the allocation of funds for kindergartens (PHOTO)

Провинция пошла на попятный в отношении выделения средств на детские сады (ФОТО)

On Saturday, mayor John Tory announced that the government would Ford reduce the size of the planned reduction in transfers, which the province allocates Toronto for subsidized places in kindergartens at least two-thirds.

Earlier this year the government, Ford announced that it waives 100 percent of funding for subsidized child care in municipalities, offering instead a model of cost-sharing in which the province will assume 80% of the costs.

The municipality of Toronto said that the change will lead to loss of revenue of $15 million in 2020, equivalent to 760 free places in kindergartens.

But on Saturday tori tweeted that the province changed his mind.

“Although the absence of funding cuts would be best, but at least we have been informed that we will lose not much, only $2-$5 million – said tori. – Of course, I’m glad this step in the right direction and celebrate this positive moment in the work of the provincial government, but I will continue to advocate for increased funding for child care from other governments, does not decrease”.

In 2018, about 17,000 families were in line to receive a free place in kindergarten.

Press Secretary of the Minister of education for Ontario Stephen Lecce confirmed that the Tory rating was correct, and added that the city was informed about the accurate numbers on Friday.

Advisors Joe cressey and Mike Layton issued a joint statement about the so-called “reduction”, which on Saturday was followed by a statement that is likely funding will be reduced again in 2021.

“Honestly, that’s just silly. Instead, a slow and painful Stripping off the plaster, it is time for the provincial government to cease to cut funding for kindergartens. Full stop,” said they.

PC similarly reduced the size of municipal transfers for health care.

A study of 2018 spent left Canadian center for policy alternatives showed that the average cost of attending preschools in Toronto is $1,354 per month.