The province has made concessions to teachers, announced the beginning of the strike (PHOTO)

Провинция пошла на уступки учителям, объявившим о начале забастовки  (ФОТО)

The government Ford backs down from a plan to require high school students to pass four on-line course to get a certificate at a time when teachers of public secondary schools of the province have launched a campaign “work strictly by the rules”.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said that now students will need to develop two e-learning course starting from those who finished school in 2023-24 years.

Four mandatory online course and the measures of the government on the increase in the average size of secondary school classes from 22 to 28, were the main obstacles in the current negotiations with teachers.

The government also stated that it was prepared to reduce average class size from 28 to 25.

In response, the President of the Federation of secondary school teachers of Ontario Harvey Bischof reported that since 26 November, they will begin to organize informational pickets and will start the campaign “work strictly by the rules”.

The Union reports that informational pickets will be held before and after the training process, as well as during the lunch break.

High school teachers will no longer carry out testing EQAO, report data to the Ministry of education, to participate in unpaid staff meetings or to provide comments on the report cards.

After the Declaration of the Union representative team Lecce said that their position regarding e-learning “is immovable,” and they will not make any changes.