The province has proposed to extend a water moratorium for 9 months (PHOTO)

Провинция предложила продлить водный мораторий на 9 месяцев   (ФОТО)

Ontario proposes to extend the moratorium on the issuance of permits for water bottling for nine months.

Press Secretary of the Minister of the environment Jeff yurek said it will give the government more time to study the scientific basis and public consultation, stakeholders and indigenous communities.

The Ministry completed a study of the scientific basis of regulatory documents and programs used in podogorica in Ontario, and now wants the data were reviewed by a third party.

A moratorium on the issuance of new and renewal of previously received permits for the abstraction of water for bottling was introduced by the former liberal government in 2017 after the bottled water giant Nestle has acquired the well near Guelph, the town of Centre Wellington wanted to continue to use as a source of drinking water.

The progressive conservative government extended it last year, and now, as of January 1, a moratorium should end, the tories think about how to stretch it out until 1 October.

Companies bottling water are still allowed to pump millions of gallons of water a day.