The province is changing the rules of appointment (PHOTO)

Провинция меняет правила назначения на должности  (ФОТО)

The government of Premier Doug Ford would change the procedure for appointment to public office in Ontario after the scandal with the patronage.

The head of the government Gender Calender said that we are talking about extended evaluation of conflict of interest and the transfer of certain appointments to the Commissioner on ethical issues for consideration.

Scandals in a number of assignments at the beginning of this year led to the unexpected departure of chief of staff of the Prime Minister.

Dean French resigned in June, when it became clear that people close to him appointed to lucrative positions abroad.

Within a few weeks after his resignation several of the appointees, previously proposed by the French, came in sight, and left their posts after it emerged that they were linked with him not only at work.

Ford promised a more transparent process for the appointment and said that his office and the Treasury Board are now engaged in the examination of the records.