The public prosecutor withdraws the charges against Félix Bélisle

The public prosecutor withdraws the charges against Félix Bélisle< /p> UPDATE DAY

The DPCP has backtracked. He withdrew the charges against Félix Bélisle, an employee of the Le Gros butcher shop in St-Honoré.

Mr. Bélisle was charged with possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

“It is a relief, we are very happy, it is a relief for my client, for his family and for the 'business,' confirmed Me Julien Boulianne, defense lawyer.

On April 6, a narcotics seizure was made at the premises of the young company in St-Honoré. Police were found there with five kilos of cocaine, 43 grams of cannabis and approximately $3,000 in cash. Félix Bélisle was then arrested, before being released two weeks later.

The defense lawyer has always maintained his client's innocence. “We, what we claimed was that there was an absence of evidence that it was he who was in possession of this drug. Several people had access to this place,” said Me Julien Boulianne.

“At all times, I must make sure to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Events mean that I am no longer able to do so,” explained Me Michaël Bourget, crown prosecutor.

The agents had got their hands on a sum of money in Canadian dollars and on other objects. They must be returned to their owner.

“Since the charges have been withdrawn, we no longer have the power to detain the items seized. There were a lot of drugs seized, we asked for the destruction of the drugs, ”said Me Bourget.

The owner of the butcher shop Chez le gros, the spouse of Félix Bélisle, refused to comment .