The QLP promises the return of the RénoVert program

The PLQ promises the return of the RénoVert program


Dominique Anglade's Liberal Party is committed to putting the popular RénoVert program back on track, which made it possible to carry out eco-responsible work and obtain a significant tax credit. The party hopes to help homeowners reduce their energy consumption. 

If elected, the QLP promises the return of the RénoVert program, which was eliminated by the Quebec government. the CAQ in 2019. He made the announcement in Boucherville on Tuesday morning,

Prior to the withdrawal of this popular program, homeowners could take advantage of a tax credit corresponding to 20% of eligible renovation projects, which were carried out by a qualified contractor.

This work had to be environmentally responsible and included insulation, waterproofing, green roofs, installation of doors and windows, air conditioning and heating, and other such improvements. 

Bad decision 

The liberal party has always decried the withdrawal of this program.  

In 2019, the CAQ Finance Minister Eric Girard had decided in his budget to put an end to it. 

“It was a very effective tax credit. Not only in terms of economic benefits, but to counter undeclared work and from an environmental point of view,” denounced the former Minister of Finance, Carlos Leitao. 

The CAQ government supported that the eligible work was “substantially the same” as that covered by the Rénoclimat program. 

The Association of Construction and Housing Professionals of Quebec (APCHQ) had also strongly criticized the disappearance of this program. 

In its plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the QLP wishes to recover 16 terawatt hours (TWh) through energy savings.