The quarantine use: 4 easy ways to improve your language skills at home

Quarantine is not just an excuse to take a break from work and spend time with family, it is also the best time to fulfill your goals. The author of the blog The Language Zone “Yandex.Zen” told how to improve my English and spend the quarantine with use.

Карантин с пользой: 4 способа легко подтянуть английский язык дома

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If you or your children were in quarantine because of a virus, it is vital to relax and to gain strength. But free time can also be used for the acquisition of new skills. For example, to arrange a crash course in English.

To read the book in the original

Reading in a foreign language is a laborious process. We need to deal not only with a huge number of new words, but also grammar, otherwise you may not understand what is going on. So, if you are just beginning to read in English, should refer to the adapted books. If you complete this challenge, your level is guaranteed to rise.

Keep a diary in English

“Dear diary, today I…” This method helps to pump the grammar and the words, and just to practice to Express their thoughts. If you have a tutor who can check and correct errors, you can refer to a variety of resources where native speakers can read your text and point out errors.

Find a penpal

For this approach service ITalki and other sites and applications: Hello Talk, Tandem, Bilingua, HiNative and so on — these resources a lot. For example, in the Hello Talk has a built-in translator, and in Tandem have a chat.

Watch movies and TV series with English subtitles

TV series with subtitles is a fairly common way of learning a language. Unfortunately, this in itself is nothing really to give, especially if you are auditory and humanist at the same time. But to watch with subtitles in English — a completely different process. Here, as in reading books, you will need to deal with unfamiliar words but you will also hear the pronunciation and understand the meaning in context.

If your level of English is not really a beginner, this is the coolest way. But be prepared for the fact that one movie or series enough to get a result. But we are in quarantine… So why not watch all the dramas before not enough time?



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