The ranking of economies on the effectiveness of anti-Covid-19: USA – among the outsiders

Strategy against the global pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 worldwide is about the same measures: States close their borders, universities and schools, canceling all public events and impose more or less rigid quarantine or other restrictions. But despite this, the success in curbing coronavirus infection and maintaining any economic stability at all different. About it writes DW.

Рейтинг стран по эффективности борьбы с Covid-19: США - среди аутсайдеров

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The most effective measures introduced Israel, Germany and South Korea. This is evidenced by the results of a study conducted by the Fund’s experts Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) from London.

In Israel at the beginning of the day 17 April, there were 12 855 cases of infection with coronavirus, of whom 148 died, and recovered from COVID-19 almost 3 000. These figures are among the best in the world. Because in other countries with about the same number of infected, the mortality rate has already crossed the line in 1 000 victims and continues to grow.

They are followed by Australia, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. The rankings its creators largely took into account the effectiveness of measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, explains the founder of DKG Dmitry Kaminsky.

“The country had to declare, or initially very tight quarantine, preventing the spread of infection, or — as in the case of Germany and China — to introduce restrictive measures after contracted quite a large number of people, and it is quite effectively treat the sick, managing to keep the number of deaths was relatively small,” says the analyst.

One of the main parameters for inclusion in a rating, he adds, was the curve of new infections: “She should be stable or decrease. That is why in the rankings such European countries as Italy and Spain”.

Don’t hit the top 40 countries, successfully coping with the crisis around the coronavirus, and Russia. Soon Deep Knowledge Group will expand its rating to one hundred States and Russia, says Kaminsky, will enter the second half of the list — along with the United States and great Britain.

The first top ten looks like this:

  1. Israel
  2. Germany
  3. South Korea
  4. Australia
  5. China
  6. New Zealand
  7. Taiwan
  8. Singapore
  9. Japan
  10. Hong Kong

The full list can be found at the link.

Рейтинг стран по эффективности борьбы с Covid-19: США - среди аутсайдеров


Rating — as an example to follow in the fight against the pandemic

Initially, a venture capital Fund Deep Knowledge Group created in 2014 in Hong Kong, invested in biotech startups and the development of artificial intelligence and Big Data. The rankings associated with the pandemic coronavirus, the Fund’s experts, according to Dmitry Kaminsky decided to take after the spread of the disease has become global, plunging the world “in a state of panic, chaos and confusion”.

“Many governments, says Kaminsky, I don’t know what to do. The inhabitants of these countries don’t know. We’ve decided to rank the effectiveness in the fight against coronavirus by applying some mathematical or methodological assessments of analysis, to become clear, thanks to a number of countries managed to achieve success in this situation. Yet evaluated 24 indicators, in the next ranking they will be 36 and other States can use them as a kind of plan of action”.

In their studies the experts DKG use information from public sources, including data from the world health organization and Johns Hopkins University. Dmitry Kaminskiy said that, overall, we are talking about the evaluation of the effectiveness of the national health system now and for the next period, as well as the level of economic stability and the state’s capacity in the long term after the completion of the pandemic.

“It is necessary not only to survive the epidemic, but to be able to restart the economy and prevent its collapse, and to develop in the next few years, explains Kaminski. Rating shows which countries best protect their inhabitants from the consequences of the infection COVID-19 and the economic disruption caused by pandemic coronavirus”.

The rankings Analytics Deep Knowledge Group took into account such criteria as the effectiveness of national systems for monitoring and disease detection, in particular, wide access to tests for the coronavirus. They drew attention to the effectiveness of quarantine and other restrictive measures. Another parameter were the reserves of the health system.

“If you take Germany, says Kaminsky, that there is a very large supply of intensive care fully adjustable hospital beds, enough hospitals and medical staff. But, more importantly, Germany has the ability to produce medical equipment and drugs within the country: she will be able to solve these problems, even if you are completely cut off from other States, for example, in the case of aggravation of the pandemic”.

The founder of DKG emphasizes the ability of the German authorities — both at the Federal and regional levels — to manage crisis situations.

“Given the initially high level of infection, Germany overharvesting passed the stress test, and successfully slowed down the spread of the disease, managing to avoid the fate of other countries. This will give significant economic benefits after the end of the pandemic,” he says.

“Moscow could repeat the scenario in new York”

Deep Knowledge Group also provided a ranking of countries exposed to risks in a pandemic. First place is Italy.

USA take the second place in the ranking. The country became the epicenter of the pandemic. According to the latest at 10:00 a.m. (new York city) in the country was 671 493 cases of infection, 33 of them are 288 people died.

Completing the top five leaders of Britain, Spain and France.

Ten leaders of rating looks like this:

  1. Italy
  2. USA
  3. UK
  4. Spain
  5. France
  6. Sweden
  7. Iran
  8. Ecuador
  9. Philippines
  10. Romania

The full list can be found at the link.

Рейтинг стран по эффективности борьбы с Covid-19: США - среди аутсайдеров


Russia is in 12th place — between Nigeria and Bangladesh. In compiling this ranking analysts DKG into account such parameters as the rate of infection, the efficiency of the health system, in particular, the number of hospitals, medical personnel and hospital beds with mechanical ventilation, state regulations and the specific risks inherent to certain region. Kaminsky fears that Moscow “scenario could be repeated in new York”: a sharp increase in the number of infected by the coronavirus, which crowded hospitals will find it increasingly difficult to provide effective care to patients.

The analyst also underlines that the country’s place in the ranking is not stable.

“Some data is updated in real time, and depending on how the situation will develop, the rating could rise or fall,” he says. At the end of April Deep Knowledge Group plans to publish a new safety rating countries in terms of pandemic coronavirus. The founder of DKG does not preclude that gradual and cautious exit from the lockdown that is happening now in some countries COVID-19 can lead to a new distribution of seats in the rankings.


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