The rate of cash dollar has exceeded 27 hryvnia

Курс наличного доллара превысил 27 гривен

Photo: Insurance companies of Ukraine

The dollar continues to rise

The U.S. currency is sold at 27.3 USD, and is purchased by of 27.02 hryvnia. Quotes continue to grow.

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of the Kiev banks reached 27 hryvnia, according to data

So, on Thursday, 16 July, the selling rate of cash dollar rose by 9 cents to 27.30 UAH/USD, buying rate by 6 cents to 27.02 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying euros rose by 19 cents to 30.57 UAH/EUR, the selling rate of 18 cents to 31.11 UAH/EUR.

Note, the dollar started to go up after the weekend, but before the growth stopped.

National Bank lowered the hryvnia exchange rate at 16 July up to 27.11 per dollar. And the Euro rose to its high for the year — 31,03 UAH.