The rates and prices in Ukraine still rising

Consumer prices continue to rise with an uncertain rate. Thus, according to the state statistics service compared to December 2019, the inflation rate rose in January 2020, by 0.2%. Calculations showed that more than just rose the price of alcohol, education and communication.

Тарифы и цены в Украине все-таки растут

About it reports “Hvil”.

In addition, unusual cost estimate came from government: the price of gas was reduced by 21.1%, but the payment of utility bills has increased significantly.

Prices have risen by:

  • Water — 11.1%;
  • Sewer — 9.1%;
  • The contents of adjoining areas and homes — 6.6%;
  • Housing repairs — 3.2%;
  • Heating and hot water — by 0.5%.

People’s Deputy Oleksandr Dubinsky spoke about the situation with the tariffs. According to him, the lives of ordinary people and the government has nothing to do, because the government itself does not know anything, except for bright presentations and to give good promises.

He also added:

“People promised reduction in utility tariffs, but the opposite happened — the prices for heating in January rose by almost 50% and people still received a second receipt for the delivery of gas.”

Report of the state statistics showed that in January 2020 more than just a decrease in prices for eggs — by 15.5%, clothes and shoes to 3.3%.

Dubinsky concluded that the country is in economic crisis, prices are rising, and incomes of Ukrainians less and less. But no one until this case is therefore not appropriate measures are being taken.

“I feel the falling inflation and the dollar? No. All because nothing happens, really not cheaper nothing,” he said.