The rating of the most controversial transfers in football history

Составлен рейтинг самых скандальных трансферов в истории футбола

“Manchester” Robin van Persie vs Arsenal

Transfers can be good, bad, and scandalous.

Experts reputable TV channel ESPN has compiled a list of the 10 most controversial transfers in football history.

The rating reflects the degree of transfer scandal of big-name players, when they crossed into warring club.

In the top 10, only three transfers do not represent British football and five out of the English Premier League.

The rating of the controversial transfers:

  • 1. Mo Johnston from Nantes was to the Rangers (prior to that, he played for Celtic; Old Firm is a historical opposition of the Scottish football clubs Celtic and Rangers, based in the country’s largest city – Glasgow)
  • 2. Luis Figo – from Barcelona to real Madrid (“El Clasico”)
  • 3. Sol Campbell – from Tottenham to Arsenal (“Severodonetskoe Derby”)
  • 4. Roberto Baggio from Fiorentina to Juventus
  • 5. Johan Cruyff from Ajax to Feyenoord (like Spanish “De Klassiker”)
  • 6. Ashley Cole – from Arsenal to Chelsea (London Derby)
  • 7. Robin van Persie – from “the Arsenal” in “Manchester United” (is one of the most significant rivalries in English football because of the rich history and success of both clubs)
  • 8. John Robertson of Nottingham forest FC in “Derby” (“Nottingham Derby”)
  • 9. Carlos Tevez – “Manchester United” in “Manchester city” (“Manchester Derby”)
  • 10. John Obi Mikel – from “Manchester United” “Chelsea”