The rating of the most profitable players in the world

Составлен рейтинг самых доходных футболистов мира


Authoritative portal Transfermarkt presented the top 10 most expensive players in world football at the accumulated amounts of the transfers.

The most expensive footballer – Neymar was also the most profitable. The Brazilian, despite the small number of transfers in his career (only two), brought to their employers 310,2 million euros.

On the second place of the ranking with large margin of Neymar is Cristiano Ronaldo (3 trades – “Manchester United”/real Madrid/Juventus – worth 230 million euros).

And rounded out the top three “winners” Romelu Lukaku – the Belgian won with 5 transfers in the amount of 203.6 million euros.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, despite the maximum number of transfers among all participants top 10, earned for their clubs “only” 169 million euros, sitting on the 8th position. In fairness we must admit that the main transfers Swede piodata at a time when prices were much lower than today.

In turn, Kilian Mbappe, in a career which held only one transfer from Monaco in the “Paris St Germain” for 145 million euros, was included for this indicator in the top-10, closing the “magnificent ten”.