The reasons for Jarusio's marriage to “Chłopaki do tak” (“Chłopaki do tak” (The Boy to Take “) have come to light. Which made him take such a step

The media got quite surprising information about one of the heroes of the “Chłopaki do takie” program.

 The reasons for Jarusio's marriage to

When some time ago the media There was information that Jaruś from the program “Chłopaki do takie” finally got married, Internet users simply had to investigate the whole matter.

Why did Jarek from the TV show have to get married?

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Fortunately, this task is not it was too difficult as the main character of the entertainment show is quite active on social media. Jarusia can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and YouTube.

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We can find many the film is recorded and uploaded by Jarusia on social platforms, on which the man has several thousand viewers. When the public began to investigate the matter of Jarusia's wedding with Gosia, it turned out that the couple did not know each other long enough that their decision to marry was actually considered.

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It has started so many speculations on this subject and rumors that Jaruś even monetized his wedding day by broadcasting it live.

Now Super Express reports that Jaruś finally confessed the truth about the real reasons for marrying Gosia.

As he stated, commuting to his beloved cost him dearly due to the rising price of fuel. That is why our hero decided to legalize the relationship so as not to have to travel to Gosia and live with her in accordance with the principles of Christian life – When you love a girl, that's the best way to get married and live together and that's it. Well, for a cat's paw, it's not too much, because it is known. To come every weekend, it makes no sense, and you know, fuel costs – he confessed to journalists.