The red cat became a star of the Network due to unusually large eyes

Рыжий кот превратился в звезду Сети из-за необычно больших глаз

Five-year-old cat named Potato (“Potato”) has become an Internet sensation thanks to its unbelievably large green bulging eyes.

Write about the Facts.

According to the newspaper Metro, 21-year-old owner of the animal, American Ashley Norlin not know the reasons for this appearance of your pet and suggests that it is some genetic feature. She “adopted” him two years ago. And people immediately began to pay attention to his unique appearance.

With the giant bulging eyes the Potato constantly surprised. He has his own army of fans who looked forward to new photos of an unusual cat. Some believe that eyes make Potato like alien creature.

In Instagram, the Potato has more than 50 thousand subscribers.