The reduction of funding for renewable energy has led to costs of $230 million (PHOTO)

Сокращение финансирования возобновляемой энергетики привело к расходам в $230 миллионов  (ФОТО)

When the Premier, Doug Ford announced his decision to withdraw from 750 projects in the field of renewable energy after winning the election last year, residents of Ontario had no idea that it will cost taxpayers over $ 230 million.

As reported by the online CBC, a representative of the opposition from the NDP talked about the amount, answering questions on Tuesday, and these costs can be found in the article “other financial transactions” in the public financial statements of the province for the 2018-19 year.

Canceled projects include the project of wind power White Pines in the County of Prince Edward, where the company signed a 20-year contract for the provision of Ontario with renewable energy.

The construction on this particular project was in full swing until last month not profit taps to begin the demolition of the newly erected wind turbines that have already been completed and ready to be connected.

Only under this project a province must pay damages in the amount of $141 million.

Earlier this week the NDP opposition has accused the government of a Ford that it mindlessly spends money on getting rid of energy projects as well as the former liberal government.

“To throw away $ 231 million, canceling contracts for the supply of electricity is no better than what the previous liberal government did during the scandal with the GEA,” said NDP critic on energy Peter Tabuns.

Deputy Minister of energy bill Walker accused the liberal government in funding unnecessary projects, saying that the province has enough sources of electricity, and it does not need the White Pines project.

Meanwhile, energy Minister Greg Rickford said in an interview with CityNews that the canceled projects would have to invest much more money over time and that the rejection of them will save taxpayers money in the long run.

But apparently not all residents of Toronto believe that.

Many are outraged by the fact that the government Ford actually spends money to prevent the projects to receive clean energy, in which we must invest if we have any hope to change the situation with climate change.

“Such political decisions should be made through the prism of science, public consultation and economic efficiency — I think Ford is not doing any of this!” wrote one angry Twitter user.

Many have called the cancellation of the projects on renewable sources of energy a step backwards in the fight against climate change.

And some urge Ontarians to oppose this by contacting local MPs.

“The government should be honest with people about their politically motivated campaign by literally pulling the turbines out of the ground”, – said Tuesday the leader of the Green party of Ontario Mike Schreiner.