The relationship between Krzysztof Rutkowski and Maja is flourishing. What is their secret with a large age difference

It cannot be denied that the relationship between Maja and Krzysztof in the eyes of many people interested in this couple is controversial and does not bode well for them too long relationship.

 The relationship between Krzysztof Rutkowski and Maja is flourishing. What is their secret given the large age difference

We can get an idea of ​​what the critics mean by watching a pair of detective & oacute; in one of the wedding programs, organizing wedding ceremonies, etc.

They met in 2012, when Maja needed a detective's help

On one of the YouTube channels, you can see Krzysztof's behavior, who at some point, during a conversation, simply began to complain to Maja and accused her of telling something she did not say.

He was offended. like a little girl, which can be seen in the video. Nevertheless, the detective and Maja have been in a relationship for a long time and from time to time appear in the public space, showing their feelings and mutual love.

It is no secret whether Krzysztof Rutkowski likes to be in the center of attention very much, and also to be perceived as a wealthy person who can afford a lot of madness, which is expensive.

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He himself admitted that he is not very skilled in showing and verbally expressing his feelings, which is why an unusual post appeared on his Instagram profile in February this year, which would clear up his strict assessment of his own ability to show feelings.

Reading the text to the end, we can quickly find out what this publication was for – After an intense day, now it's time for my beloved wife @majaplich ❤️ Who is not only beautiful on the outside, but also has a beautiful interior 👍 You are everything for me Majeczko, it is worth living and working for you 😎 You are the meaning of my life … Gentlemen, please remember that Valentine's Day is coming soon 👌 Today, to buy a gift for my beloved, I visited the @zozodesign_official boutique 👍, and you do you already have gifts for your women? – asked the detective carefully.

Source: YouTube/Wedding Dream – Izabela Janachowska