The remains of the leader of ISIS in al-Baghdadi was thrown into the sea, as the corpse of bin Laden. Al-Baghdadi issued a Kurdish intelligence officer (PHOTO)

Останки главаря ИГ* аль-Багдади выбросили в море, как и труп бен Ладена. Аль-Багдади выдал курдский разведчик (ФОТО)

The remains of the leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was liquidated on October 27 in the operation, U.S. special forces Delta at the village of Barish (Idlib province, Northwest Syria), on the eve were delivered from Syria to Iraq to the American base.

The remains of al-Baghdadi was transported to the military base of ain al-Asad, located in the Iraqi province of Anbar, which housed U.S. servicemen. From there they were taken to an unknown destination.

However, according to broadcaster CNN, citing two military source, the remains were taken to the sea, where all that remains of the leader of the IG*, it was dropped in water. Thus, al-Baghdadi did the same, as liquidated in 2011 by the leader of the terrorist group al-Qaeda* Osama bin Laden, remains of which were buried at sea. Place of burial not reported.

According to Islamic tradition, the burial of the dead takes place in a land, without a coffin. But with al-Baghdadi, the US government decided to do what the terrorist deserves the place of his burial will never be known, lest it become a Shrine to radical Islamists. Photos and video of the burial of al-Baghdadi classified. However, as the materials of its liquidation.

The TV channel reminds, that on Sunday the adviser to the President for national security Robert O’brien said in an interview with NBC that the United States will do with the body Baghdadi just like with bin Laden. “With the body Baghdadi will go properly,” said O’brien. On the question of whether the United States follow the same Protocol as in the case of bin Laden, he replied: “I think so”.

The US President Donald trump on Sunday announced the elimination of al-Baghdadi. The American leader thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and also Syrian Kurds for support.

For what trump thanked the Kurds found out NBC. Referring to the commander of SDS Mazlum Abdi, the American broadcaster said that the intelligence of the armed coalition of “democratic Forces of Syria” (SDS) introduced into the environment of the leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state”* Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi his agent, who revealed to the Americans the exact plan of the sanctuary of terrorist, and gave him a blood sample.

According to Abdi, the agent eventually was among the advisers to al-Baghdadi. He later gave the coalition a detailed plan for the refuge, underground tunnels and the number of guards the leader of the group. Scout was in the shelter during operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi and went along with the US military.

The agent is one month and three months ago gave Americans the evidence that he is in the inner circle, the head of the IG*. Such evidence became a blood sample al-Baghdadi and his underwear.

*”Islamic state” (IG), al-Qaida – banned terrorist organizations