The requests of the Russians on political asylum in Israel will be considered under the accelerated procedure

From 27 October 2019 request of the citizens of Russia on granting Israel political asylum will be considered under the accelerated procedure. This decision was made by the Director of the office in connection with multiple cases of abuse with the aim of obtaining the possibility to work in Israel.

Просьбы россиян о политубежище в Израиле будут рассматривать по ускоренной процедуре

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This was reported on the website of the Department for population registration and immigration, writes

Recall that the procedure for consideration of a request for political asylum could last for several years. All this time the asylum seeker can work in Israel. There is no need to obtain a work permit, but the state has no right to take sanctions against employers who hire asylum seekers.

In recent years, dramatically increased the number of Russians who ask Israel for political asylum. From January to September 2019 request for political asylum was filed by 3010 people. In 2018, such a request was 2772. In 2017 635. In 2016 — 395. In 2015 14. In 2013 — 1.

In 2009-2012, the Russians submitted a request for asylum.

In the Office of the population register and migration believe that the sharp rise in requests for political asylum is a consequence of the changes are political and economic situation in Russia. That is, it is assumed that the Russians tend to go to Israel to work.

Earlier in a similar scenario acted citizens of Georgia and Ukraine, forcing Israel’s interior Ministry to announce that requests for refugee status from residents of these countries will be considered under the accelerated procedure. As a result, in 2018, the number of Ukrainian and Georgian cases decreased dramatically (1.131 request from citizens of Ukraine and 378 requests from citizens of Georgia for the first half).

Editorial appealed to the Directorate for population registration and immigration to comment on this decision and to provide details about how it will affect the ability of the Russians submitting a petition for political asylum, to work in Israel.

According to the explanation received from a press-Management service, expedited procedure for the review of requests for political asylum is designed to eliminate the arrival in Israel “to work”. The main difference between the accelerated procedure from the usual is that if Russian claims about their intentions at the border, the first consideration of his request occurs in the Department of population registration at the airport. If Management staff does not find reasons to consider the request more carefully, came to Israel not allowed.

In that case, if a petition for political asylum filed within a year of stay in Israel, however, upon the expiration of the tourist visa applicant are granted a visa for a temporary stay in the country (the so-called visa 2-Aleph-5) for only three months, during which the petitioner cannot afford to work.

Note that Russia, Ukraine and Georgia had not been included in the list of countries whose citizens cannot be deported from Israel according to international law, even if they were denied political asylum. We are talking about countries, deportation may result in imprisonment, death or torture (for example, in the case of Eritrea and Sudan). That is, the Russians did the process of addressing their petitions to the General procedure.