The restart of the Italian championship was in jeopardy due to unexpected obstacles

Рестарт чемпионата Италии оказался под угрозой срыва из-за возникшего неожиданного препятствия

Serie a is actively preparing for the resumption of the season, which is scheduled for 13 or 20 June.

On the way to the resumption of the season has been eliminated the only significant obstacle was the revised medical Protocol for matches.

However, suddenly surfaced another outstanding issue: the Association of professional footballers and the management of the Series And can’t agree on a start time of the matches.

According to the plan, most of the matches should begin at 16:30 local time. However, the Vice-President of Association of players of Italy Umberto Calcagno opposed the holding of the day’s matches due to the fact that summer in Italy at this time of day very hot.

“Cannot go and speeches about how to play at this time of day, in the height of summer. Club presidents should be of concern not only telarah and ratings, but also the health, the safety of the players. We are not against to start matches at 18:45 and 21:00”, – quotes Calcagno Football-Italia.