The restaurant serves Bangkok Burger weighing 7 kg

В ресторане Бангкока подают бургер весом 7 кг

Visitors will be able to eat a meal in nine minutes will receive cash consideration of $330.

Restaurant owner Chris Steaks & Burgers Comdec Kongsan serving giant dish, claims that his Burger is the biggest in the country. It includes a loaf of bread weighing 1.8 kg, 4 kg of beef or pork, 1 kg bacon, and onion rings in batter, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise and French fries.

Calorie meals — more than 10 thousand calories, which is about five to six times more than the daily norm of an adult.

The idea is to assign a reward for the fast food Burger came Comdisco Kongsan after nine minutes the dish had three random visitors. The owner thought if it could make the customers who are not in a hurry, that one — if at the time will, too. The size of the prize associated with calories: it is 10,000 baht ($ 330) — one baht for every calorie.

Now to the restaurant almost every day visited by people who decided to challenge the giant dish. But while the prize to disrupt the Bank failed.

Burger with beef costs a little more than $80, with pork — about $115.