The results of the Caucus in Iowa: one of the Democrats took the lead in

The youngest and the oldest candidates for President of the United States Democratic party — Pete Buttidzhich and Bernie Sanders led the race for the nomination to participate in the election of 2020. About it writes BBC.

Результаты кокусов в Айове: кто из демократов выбился в лидеры

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78-year-old Sanders is a U.S. Senator from Vermont. 38-year-old Buttidzhich — a former mayor of the city of South bend, Indiana.

Their leadership decided after the first Caucus held in Iowa on Monday. A Caucus in the United States called meetings where party members discuss candidates for participation in the presidential race, and hold open voting.

The first vote in Iowa was marked by a number of technical problems.

At the request of the Democrats, when the vote count was discovered “inconsistencies”, however, the party insist that the unprecedented delay in the counting of votes was not the result of computer hacking. In the end, the organizers of the Caucus were not able to publish the results of the vote.

In the absence of official data of the candidates tried to present their version of voting results. The headquarters of Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttidzhichem with reference to the “private data” once said about the success of their candidates in Iowa.

Buttidzhich is a graduate of Harvard and Oxford, an officer of the Navy, a polyglot, speaking six languages — very popular among the democratic establishment, and the veteran American politicians Sanders by his own Democrats are very bad.

With some margin to win

Presidential candidate Democrat Pete Buttidzhich keeps a tiny advantage over the left opponent Bernie Sanders on the results of Caucus-goers in Iowa that opened the season of selection of candidates, writes “Voice of America”.

After 97% of the plots gave the results of the vote held in Iowa, 38-year-old Buttidzhich, former mayor of the city of South bend in Indiana, is leading with 26.2 percent.

Senator Sanders, who is twice as old as the Buttidzhichem and for the second time trying to get the nomination, coming on his heels with 26.1 percent.

A colleague of Sanders, the progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren was 18.7% of the votes, while former us Vice-President Joe Biden, the favorite in the race according to national polls, took the fourth place with 15.8 percent.

Why is this happening?

The Democratic party leadership for the last few days in despair, wringing his hands in anticipation of the sad scenario in which Bernie Sanders announced his confident victory in the Caucus in Iowa. However, the reality is, it seems, gave them a surprise worse.

Three years after it had been hacked, allegedly by Russian hackers, the servers of the Democratic party in an attempt to amend the presidential elections in 2016, “technical issues” violated the process of announcing the result of the Caucus in Iowa.

The democratic party, and American democracy in General, appeared in a very unfavorable light.

The resulting confusion will give rise to thousands of new conspiracy theories and add to the chaos in the candidate’s race, which, after a year of pre-election efforts, it would not hurt clarity.

What’s wrong with Bernie Sanders?

As he writes in the editorial note Guаrdian, even in the dilapidated democracy (as the newspaper describes the US) the rich do not have to be in power, because against them is the mathematics itself. After all, rich little, and rest a lot, and in terms of the two-party system when one party is rich and the other all the others, it would be logical that the party of the rich always be the loser.

However, this is not happening. The Republicans control the White house, the courts, the legislatures of most States and half of Congress.

And the Democrats, instead of to bet on its overwhelming demographic advantage in this potential class struggle between rich and poor, not in a hurry to use it.

And here is Bernie Sanders, who by the appointment of its candidate from the Democratic party promises to make this class a potential battle with reality. And that’s when his real obstacle on the way to the White house is no longer the Republican nominee and the establishment of his own party. Because Sanders is an existential threat to their traditional approach to the formation of views on morals and ethics.

This is related to fears of Democrats that Sanders can really win, so they like to remind you that Bernie is not a Democrat.

In fact Bernie Sanders for many years was an independent Congressman, and the fact that it has gained political power without the aid of the party, angry and annoyed by those who sacrificed the ideals to play by the rules of big politics.

How important is Iowa?

At stake in the presidential elections in November and the rivalry with Republican Donald trump, the current President of the country.

Iowa is a sparsely populated, predominantly agricultural state, and nevertheless, Iowa and new Hampshire first participate in the presidential campaign, spending the Caucus and the primaries.

It is believed that their result is of great importance, unofficially setting the trend for all other States. American politicians know that the Caucus in Iowa can greatly boost the ratings of some candidates, while others deny any hope for victory, and carefully prepared for them.

The last four candidates from the Democratic party had just won the Caucus in Iowa.

Failure count: a trick or hackers?

According to representatives of the Democratic party of Iowa Mandy McClure, technical problems in Iowa, namely of the discrepancy in the results of the three rounds — it is only a “procedural hiccup” and did not attempt of a hacker attack or outside interference.

McClure also denied the failure of the electronic application, specially developed for such counting.

“All the related data and paper documents are not questionable, just for the announcement of the final results will require additional time”, — she explained.

“We compare all of the electronic data from paper copies, — assured the Chairman of the Democratic party of Iowa Troy Price. — This system of counting is more time consuming, but it ensures that we are able to announce the results with full confidence.”

This year changed the rules the announcement of the results. Iowa should be transferred to the headquarters of the party results in all three rounds, not just the final numbers.

McClure’s statement contradicts the claims of party officials at the district level who believe this technical problem.

According to them, the specially designed app for counting out of order, after which the heads of district sites began to call into headquarters. However, to call the hotline in the office of the party in Iowa, was impossible: the caller heard the same message: “all our operators are busy right now”.

What was the reaction of the Republicans?

Republicans gloated. Campaign Manager to trump brad Parscale said that “the Democrats stew in the confusion, which they themselves have created, enduring the sloppy disaster in its history.”

“For people it would be natural to doubt the fairness of the process,” he added.

But the Republicans previously had problems with Iowa.

In 2012, the winner of the Caucus was announced as MITT Romney, and already two weeks later in the party said that actually defeated Rick Santorum.

Son of trump, Donald trump Jr. ernichayu on Twitter, asking: “If the Democrats do not hold Caucus meetings to which they had been preparing for four years, then what the heck can someone think they can run the country?”

A little later, and the Twitter account of U.S. President Donald trump.

Результаты кокусов в Айове: кто из демократов выбился в лидеры

Screenshot: Twitter/@realDonaldTrump

“The democratic Caucus was a disaster. Nothing works, the same as when they ruled the country,” wrote trump.

What’s next?

11 February there will be primaries in new Hampshire, then, also in February, Nevada and South Carolina.

In the super Tuesday on March 3 a vote will take place in 15 States.

The names of the candidates for the presidential race will be named in Wisconsin in July.



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