The retirement age in Ukraine again raise

From 2021 the retirement age in Ukraine will increase to 60 years, but the experience will increase annually.

Пенсионный возраст в Украине снова повысят

As reported in the second phase of pension reform until 2028 Ukrainians will retire not at 60, as at 63 or 65 years.

“By raising the retirement age in Ukraine because of the fact that the population in the country is decreasing rapidly. In the next five years, the population will shrink by 18%, and the ratio between pensioners and working citizens, almost double. In such circumstances, raising the retirement age is inevitable,” noted in the Ministry of social policy.

In 2020, the retirement age has already increased from 1 April. It only affected women. Now they will retire not in 59, and 59.5 years old with 27 years of experience.

Note that by 2028, the number of officially completed years required for retirement, will increase to 35 years. That is, in order to retire in 40 years you need to have a minimum of 15 years experience.

But those who upon reaching retirement age won’t have even 15 years of experience, can and do remain without a pension.