The return of the child: an immigrant from Russia asks for help after her divorce from American

To the editor ForumDaily asked an immigrant from Russia Svetlana Chudinova (flowers), living in Oklahoma, asking for help in a difficult family and legal situation: according to the woman, she is looking for a way to achieve justice by obtaining child custody in Phoenix and return of a child who now lives with her ex-husband to obtain custody through the courts.

Вернуть ребенка: иммигрантка из России просит о помощи после развода с американцем

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According to Svetlana, she emigrated from Russia to the USA, married Marcus flowers in Georgia and gave birth to a daughter. Within three years of marriage, the husband helped his wife in getting a green card, she still has no social security number, work permit and even a driver’s license. Some time ago the husband took off with another woman concealed this fact, but January 15, 2016, the flowers came to her with “undeniable the divorce papers” and said he wants to get a divorce. The family legal cases help can provide with the right legal grounds for one to get what they want.

The woman claims that her husband forced her to sign documents that would make his main caregiver, leaving to the mother only the right to visit the girls. Svetlana to sign papers I didn’t, but the husband threatened that otherwise he will “take the baby and go in Oklahoma”, where he got a job. The woman said that she was intimidated not only the husband but also his relatives. In the end, she signed the documents, provided that it gives written promise that the child will remain with her that Marcus will help Svetlana to obtain a green card and repay the loan in the amount of $ 10,000, which she took from her mother, to help her husband during his unemployment. He agreed and the document was provided.

16 January 2016, the family moved to Oklahoma. Svetlana says, after that, 4 times he tried to kick her out of the house. He announced that his friend sandy should be coming soon, so the woman must leave. When sandy was in the house, Marcus tried to kick her.

“While sandy was holding my child, Marcus tried to put me in the car to take home, but I resisted, kicking and screaming, he finally abandoned the attempt, — the woman speaks. — July 5, 2016 under the pretext of shopping, he drove me out of the car on the street. I was no child, no money, no green card, no SSN and relatives. There was no one to whom I could turn for help. The document, which he gave, was destroyed by them before returning other personal documents. I had to find a way to survive and return my daughter.” If such a situation happened to a person belonging to the LGBTQ community, they could consult skilled LGBTQ lawyers who will give them legal representation and fight for their rights.

According to Svetlana, she had no real idea about the legal system in the United States. She again had to ask his mother the money to start the legal process. Svetlana found a lawyer who in the end, as she claims extorted money and took them to court, “demanding that a Commission of more than $14 000, although the agreement was only $3000”.

Вернуть ребенка: иммигрантка из России просит о помощи после развода с американцем


In the court of Marcus flowers denied the facts set out Svetlana. “Moreover, he has slandered me and committed perjury under oath,” she says. But the court refused the divorce, although the documents, according to women, was signed under duress. In addition, the court gave Marcus permission to move the daughter to Germany with the condition that the transfer will not cause the child undue harm and since there are adoption lawyers for hire, the case went on smoothly causing no dissatisfaction on the both sides.

Currently, says Svetlana, her ex-husband returned to Georgia and he has the court’s permission to take General daughter pair in anywhere he wants. The girl is with her father while her mother remains in Oklahoma city and can see her only during school vacation.

“I want to seek the assistance of qualified professionals from Oklahoma or Georgia who are willing and able to help me get my daughter back!” — says Svetlana. The woman also requested financial assistance.

To support a woman on the GoFundMe page, created by Svetlana, or find her on Twitter where she has posted several videos about the situation.