The rich also cry: became known the real diagnosis Kim Kardashian

Богатые тоже плачут: стал известен настоящий диагноз Ким Кардашьян

Since the beginning of September the life of reality star Kim Kardashian, whose sister recently shot for the Playboy magazine, has turned into a nightmare. This writes the

The newspaper reminds that psoriasis star is not a secret for her many fans.

With this disease, Kim learned to live skillfully and to hide it. But the new condition which she was suspected, threatened her not only the defects of appearance, but also posed a real threat to her life.

Богатые тоже плачут: стал известен настоящий диагноз Ким Кардашьян

It all started with constant fatigue and joint pain. After reading articles on the Internet, 38-year-old mother of four children suspected to have a heavy autoimmune disease — lupus (tuberculosis of the skin — lupus). “I feel it in my “gut”. I have lupus…” — shared his feelings with Kim.

On the advice of her mother Kris Jenner, Kim was tested for antibodies to lupus. And, to her horror, the result was positive! Crying Kim was not the end. To comfort her could only be her doctor, Daniel Welles, who suggested that the result could be a false positive. Fortunately, after several days of agonizing waiting for the results of re-analysis, a terrible diagnosis was not confirmed.

But what about the symptoms that caused so much turmoil? They passed. Kim sighed with relief and cheered.

“If it was lupus, — shares his thoughts the doctor — we would have noticed her“.

Now he came to the conclusion that Kim has psoriatic arthritis, as characterized by wave-like deterioration. In this disease, the immune system, for some unknown reason, a scientist, a man begins to attack healthy cells and tissues. But, fortunately, as the doctor claims, this illness, at least not an immediate danger to life.

Kardashian is so glad for the new diagnosis, said: “Pain will come and go sometimes, I can deal with it, and it won’t stop me”.

As previously reported “FACTS”, dad’s half sisters Kardashian, former American athlete-track and field athlete Bruce Jenner, who changed her sex and name, becoming Kathleen Jenner, made a joke about his manhood in the air Comedy TV shows Comedy Central Roasts where the guest stars allow themselves jokes without any restrictions.

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