The richest Deputy of the Lviv city Council has said it is ready to become the owner of Karpaty to save the club (video)

Самый богатый депутат горсовета Львова заявил о готовности стать владельцем "Карпат" для спасения клуба (видео)

Gregory Kozlovsky

Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist and public figure, the richest Deputy of the Lviv city Council Gregory Kozlowski in the “Narodne Sense” at the NTA, said he was ready to resign as President of FC “movement” and temporarily become the owner of FC Karpaty Lviv.

An interview with Kozlowski – on the 30th minute of the broadcast.

“We need to lean on and to save the patient. It will be one year, maximum of two. The current investors, nobody will buy the club, even for the hryvnia. In Lviv are an investor who for a year or two will give the city power of 50 or 100 million. It is a question of dialogue.

I am ready to resign as President of the “movement” and a year to become acting “something there”, “the Carpathians”. I guarantee that will save them. I will create in Lviv a pool of businessmen and authorities who are interested in it, and then get back in their offspring,” – said Kozlovsky.

Earlier there was information that one of Russia’s richest businessmen, Mikhail Fridman is exploring the possibility of buying “the Carpathians”.