The RTC is looking for volunteers to test travel options in Quebec

RTC is looking for volunteers to test travel options in Quebec


The Réseau de transport de la capital is launching a 30-day mobility challenge and is looking for volunteers to test the options available in Quebec City. 

The President of the RTC, Maude Mercier Larouche, invited citizens to register for this “experience” which will lead them to change the way they move.  

In fact, 100 participants, of all ages and from all over the agglomeration, from the suburbs to downtown, will be called upon to join the 30-Day Mobility Challenge. 

For one month, from october 1 to 31, participants will be encouraged to choose different modes of travel such as walking, Flexibus, bike sharing, car sharing, taxi, ferry, etc. The objective is that at least two days a week, they find an alternative to the individual car.  

The vice-president of the executive committee, Marie-Josée Asselin, will also be part of the cohort that will try the experience. 

Free tickets

Those who are selected will receive a free set of transport tickets worth $400, i.e. an RTC monthly pass, 10 Commuanuto FLEX trips lasting 30 minutes, the access to the Flexibus on-demand transportation service and access to the Québec-Lévis ferry service, credits for up to 200 km of additional trips with Communauto, a 30-day subscription to Vélo and two taxi rides. < /p>

The participants will therefore be able to test the mobility options and give their impressions to the RTC. The latter will use the data thus collected to develop the integrated mobility service that it wants to put in place within 24 months and which aims to offer a wide range of travel options in the same place. “We will be able to understand what promotes the use of a means of transport and what is a blockage,” commented Ms. Mercier Larouche. 

Technological solution

Eventually, these options will all be grouped together in a single platform. The City promises a “technological solution that will meet the needs of citizens”. 

The cost of this project for the City of Quebec is $50,000. Interested citizens can register by September 9 on the Voie libre platform at