The Rugby world Cup Welsh player double strike knocked out teammate (video)

На Кубке мира по регби валлийский игрок двойным ударом нокаутировал партнера по сборной (видео)

Wales – Fiji
Japan is the Rugby world Cup.

Meeting in the framework of the 4th round of group D between the teams of Wales and Fiji (14:7) remember not only the fact that the British, after their victory secured a place in the quarter-finals, but also one terrible incident.

In the 57th minute of the match Wales players Dan Biggar and Liam Williams literally did not share the ball. Players fled to the flying ball and Biggar at full speed stuck in the shoulder of a teammate.

To be sure, Liam still landed in suffering the head of Biggar. The victim lay on the lawn until the field was driving the medical car, but after was able to get up and leave the field to the applause of the audience.

However, because of a suspected concussion, the doctors did not allow the player to continue the match, so watching it from the bench.