The Russian Ambassador was summoned to the Czech foreign Ministry over the statements of Medina (PHOTO)

Российского посла вызвали в МИД Чехии из-за заявления Мединского (ФОТО)

The Ambassador of Russia in Czech Republic Aleksandr zmeevsky was invited to the foreign Ministry in connection with the statements of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky in the address of the mayor of the district Prague 6 ondřej Kolář who initiated the decision on the removal from the area of the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Ivan Konev. The corresponding statement posted Friday on the website of the foreign Ministry, reports TASS.

“Deputy Chmielarz recalled that the Treaty on friendly relations and cooperation between our countries, which the Czech side sequentially performs, suggests mutual respect and equality, – the document says. He stressed that the question of the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague 6 is an internal affair of the Czech Republic, and warned against abuse for political purposes, and the dithering in this region.”

The Czech foreign Ministry has previously stated that he opposes the dismantling of the monument, but stressed that the authorities of the Czech Republic can’t influence the decision of the authorities of the municipal district.

6 Sep Medina expressed gratitude to the President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman for the protection of the monument to Marshal from demolition and simultaneously described the mayor of Prague 6 as the Nazi Gauleiter.

“Prague was liberated after the fall of Berlin. It was not a walk. Was thrown into the army Konev, 12 thousand of our soldiers died liberating Prague. The grateful inhabitants of Prague put Konev monument. And then the headman of a district said they were on Board put the question to dismantle the monument to the liberator and Savior of the city. This Gauleiter local scale. And President Milos Zeman as a wise man and educated said that it is a disgrace and you can’t do that”, – said journalists the head of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

On the eve of the Council of the district Prague 6 the majority of votes adopted a decree on the transfer of the monument to Konev “with dignity.” In its place should be the memorial to the liberation of Prague. The district municipality plans to find a platform which is moved a monument to Soviet Marshal. The exact date of migration is not defined.

“I spoke with representatives of the capital on the financing. I would like to emphasize that we treat the statue with dignity. Of course, we do not consider the possibility of moving the statues abroad,” – said Jan Lacina, Deputy head of Prague 6, adding that the monument may be part of a planned municipal Museum of memory of the 20th century.

The head of Prague 6 ondřej kolář also stressed that they will be looking for a decent place for the statue. “I would ask everyone to try to calm the situation. No plans to demolish or destroy the statue,” he said. In the beginning of his speech on Thursday Kolar reminded that the monument to Marshal Konev is not a military grave and was not under the protection of international law. It is the property of the district, which is still well cared for.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that such a move will not remain unanswered. “Taken at the municipal level has the potential to become a significant irritant in bilateral relations, seriously dampen their atmosphere and will not remain unanswered. We expect that the initiators of the impending unprecedented action will come to their senses, realize all the consequences of your actions,” – said in the Ministry.

Monument is Konev established in Prague in 1980. The event was timed to the 35th anniversary of liberation from Nazi troops of the 1st Ukrainian front, commanded commander. The monument is in the ownership of the authorities of the sixth Metropolitan area.

Opponents of the dismantling of the monument to indicate that the troops of Marshal Konev liberated Prague on may 9, 1945. Supporters of the dismantling of the monument or its transfer point to the role of Konev in suppressing the Hungarian national uprising (1956) and his participation in the preparation of the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in Czechoslovakia (1968).

In recent years, regularly unknown poured paint the monument to Konev. The last such incident occurred in the eve of 21 August – anniversary of the Soviet invasion in 1968. After that, the mayor of Prague 6 ondřej kolář suggested to dismantle the statue and give it to the Russian Embassy.