The Russian businessman accused of spying in the United States: what he did and than it threatens

U.S. authorities accuse the Director of business development “United engine Corporation” Alexander Korshunov (included in “rostec”) industrial espionage: according to the FBI, he recruited three employees of General Electric and with their help tried to steal the engine control system of the aircraft.

Российского бизнесмена обвиняют в шпионаже в США: что он сделал и чем это грозит

Photo: Facebook/Alexander Korshunov

On the eve it became known that kites detained in Italy, upon request of the United States. The question of his extradition, BBC reports.

The detention took place on 30 August at the airport of Naples. In the United States Korshunova and Italian Maurizio Paolo Bianchi was charged with conspiracy and attempts to steal the information constituting a commercial secret. This led to the scandal. Thursday East economic forum the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called it a “bad practice” and explained the competition.

The statement of the Ministry of justice, it follows that Korshunova together with Bianchi accused of trying to steal the technology of engine management systems.

“United engine Corporation” (UEC), where kites, designed the PD-14 engine for the new Russian aircraft MS-21. It is this type of engine and appears in the FBI investigation, which is referred to the U.S. justice Department. According to the American authorities, Korshunov tried to improve the PD-14 with the help of technology General Electric (GE).

“Here we know UEC has made a new Russian engine. Did long. This is our first high-tech product in 28 years,” — said on the eve of Putin.

Rostec, which includes APC, has rejected the accusations in the address of the top Manager. And Putin called the FBI described the scheme of the world practice: “We signed a contract with Italian firm for advice. It is entirely natural to world practice”.

It, apparently, is an Italian company Aeronova based Bianchi, whom the United States accused along with Korshunov.

On Friday in Naples a meeting of the court, but the decision to extradite Korshunova in the United States was not adopted.

Russian service Bi-bi-si has learned a formal complaint with the FBI, published by the U.S. Department of justice, and other materials.

Who kites and where he worked?

Alexander Korshunov — Director of business development “United engine Corporation”, a position he has held for about a year. In the UEC, he worked for almost 10 years (in 2017, resigned from the JDC on the web and after a year he returned to the Corporation).

ODK — structure, which brings together several dozen companies that develop and occur engines for civil and military vehicles, gas turbines and other products. Until 2018, the company was part of the “Oboronprom”, now it is directly administered by rostec. In 2017 rostec and JDC came under US sanctions.

In the report of the US Department of justice said that kites was an employee of the state company, and before that was an official, including worked in the foreign Ministry. According to the biography published on the website of JDC in the Soviet foreign Ministry and the foreign Ministry of Russia Korshunov worked for 13 years.

Kites first came to the Ministry in 1990 immediately after his studies at the Diplomatic Academy of the USSR Ministry of foreign Affairs. He studied at the Moscow energy Institute, the Higher school of Economics and at the Vienna University of Economics and business.

What is accused Korshunova

The U.S. Department of justice has published the affidavit of FBI special agent Michael Runnels, who was investigating the case. Testimony Rannels gave on 21 August 2019 — based on them accusations of Korshunova.

Industrial espionage, according to investigators, kites allegedly engaged in with 2013. In addition Korshunova and Bianchi to include at least three unnamed persons, testimonies of Runnels. It’s current and former employees of GE.

One of them, a US citizen, testified to the FBI and provided to us law enforcement various documents, including contracts and correspondence with Korshunov and Bianchi. He worked as an engineer at the Italian branch of GE.

The FBI also obtained warrants to view the email addresses associated with Korshunov and Bianchi. In the correspondence involved and other staff of JDC, said in the FBI report.

Российского бизнесмена обвиняют в шпионаже в США: что он сделал и чем это грозит

Photo: Facebook/Alexander Korshunov

59-year-old Bianchi was Director of the Italian branch of GE Aviation. He was responsible for business development with China, Russia and Asia. Around 2013 Bianchi left GE and founded in Italy, his company Aeronova.

In the same period, according to the FBI, kites and Bianchi hired three GE employees, that they may suggest how to improve the PD-14 engine. In documents it is called consulting. This is what Putin said, calling “all-natural world practice.”

Aeronova, to the FBI documents, concluded the contract with the Russian company Aviadvigatel (part of UEC) in the amount of 150 thousand euros, also in this contract I had to pay to the Russian budget VAT at 27 thousand euros. Actually the contract was performed current employees of GE, says the FBI.

FBI agent describes what Korshunov, Bianchi and employees of GE used a system to disguise his work. In the letters they called each other not by name, but used the word “guys”, and Korshunov asked to remove the names of some letters.

Kites and Bianchi in 2013, also organized a meeting with the “boys” at the Paris air show Le Bourget in France and bought them tickets. The meeting was held on 20 June 2013 and it was attended by an FBI informant, the investigation.

Managers and security GE confirmed to the FBI that reports of “guys” is based classified the development of the company and its Italian subsidiary, the report says. In the company, according to the report, believe that it is their intellectual property, and employees were not authorized to transfer this information to Bianchi or Korshunova.

In 2015, according to the FBI documents, correspondence appears Chinese engine Corporation (AECC), which also asks for JDC to help you develop the motor driver box — for the development of this detail, according to the FBI, there were used the achievements of GE.

With the end of 2017 kites and Bianchi tried to expand the team of consultants — to attract people who previously worked for GE, says the FBI.

What is PD-14 and PD-35?

The indictment cited the engines PD-14 and PD-35.

Both engines are key elements of important aviation projects: the new Russian aircraft MS-21 and the Russian-Chinese wide-body aircraft CR-929.

The MS-21 aircraft for the first time presented to the public. Who and what is it made of?

PD-14 — the first Russian high thrust engine. In 2016, Dmitry Rogozin, who then held the post of Deputy Prime Minister, said that the money to develop this engine come from a presidential reserve.

The MS-21 aircraft was originally supposed to deliver in two variants — with the American engine Pratt and Whitney and with the Russian PD-14. First released assemble and test aircraft with Pratt and Whitney.

The Federal air transport Agency in November 2018 certified PD-14. Its serial production has still not started. It will begin in 2020, said managing Director of “UEC-Perm motors” Sergey Popov.

In April 2019, the Ministry announced a tender worth RUB 12 billion for completion of aircraft engine PD-14 before certification of the European Agency. The tender was won by JDC.

New technologies were developed to create the PD-14 engine, however, the cost of preparation for manufacturing is significantly below their foreign counterparts, told RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of UEC Yuri Smolin.

PD-35 is one of the engine options for the Russian-Chinese wide-body aircraft CR-929. It comes from the Russian United aircraft Corporation and the Chinese company Comac. The engine can be used for advanced military transport aircraft.

The total cost of the PD-35 in 2016 UEC was estimated at 180 billion rubles. According to APC, PD-35 will be certified in 2027, his trial will begin in mid-2023.

What is a box motor drive?

The Americans suspect that the efforts Korshunova and Bianchi was intended to get fabrication technology drive box engine. What is it?

“Box drive units — this is the collective mechanism, which is used to transmit power from the jet engine to other energy systems of the plane”, — stated in the materials of the FBI.

ODK around 2013 just tried to evaluate the effectiveness of e-box drive units for the PD-14 engine, according to the FBI. And at this time Bianchi from the face Korshunova hired two GE employees to improve the efficiency of the box.

From the work box of the drive engine, in particular, depends on the efficiency of fuel consumption, and Rogozin called it one of the advantages of high thrust engines based on the PD-14.

In October 2016 Korshunov asked Bianchi, you know “guys” how to design a gearbox assemblies for the bigger engine. PD-35 is just bigger and in future it is mentioned in the FBI investigation.

The GE90 family engines, manufacturing technology which, according to the FBI, might be wondering Korshunova, the largest in the history of aviation.

What awaits Korshunova next?

The US authorities are going to extradite Korshunova from Italy. According to the U.S. Department of justice, he faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

On Friday a meeting of the court in Naples, but it was decided only the procedural issues.

The extradition procedure is simple, explained bi-Bi-si the head of the company Gololobov & Partners Dmitry Gololobov. The country-the applicant is given time to complete the request, then the request is considered by the court.

For extradition there are a number of obstacles.

“For example, the European Convention on extradition are not subject to extradition for political and military crimes,” said Gololobov.

“For Russia, this is undoubtedly a painful subject, but passing Americans she can’t. Moreover, technically they are doing the right thing,” he added.