The Russian conquests and the atomic weapon

Russian Conquests and Atomic Weapons


Yesterday, Russia formally annexed Ukrainian territories it had previously assaulted and devastated. The Russian justifications are false and pitiful. We all know them. 

On the other hand, with this annexation, Russia opens a new era of international relations, an era of negation of the rights of nations, an era of territorial conquests. From now on, all the neighboring states of Russia fear an attack by Vladimir Putin. Be careful, Putin's demonstration is not over. The law of the strongest on which it relies includes a nuclear dimension which it has not yet used. Putin's blackmail can be summed up as follows: accept the absorption of your country by Russia, or else we will make war on you, and we could even attack you with atomic weapons.

Why is Putin so keen on threatening to use atomic weapons?

Three reasons push Putin to use this armament. First, he believes that people will be terrified if threatened with atomic strikes and will resign themselves to being part of Russia rather than die. Second, Putin's nuclear bomb delivery systems seem superior to NATO's. Russian cruise missiles can reach Mach 20, making them invulnerable, at least with known defensive armament. Those of NATO fly at more than Mach 5. Finally, and this is the most dangerous reason, Putin believes that the Americans will not want to risk defending NATO countries with nuclear weapons if their own cities are threatened with nuclear destruction.

Why is Putin's gamble risky?

If the United States refuses or hesitates to defend its allies with nuclear weapons, then the entire American alliance system will collapse. Moreover, the Americans have not necessarily revealed the most modern armaments at their disposal. Finally, Putin underestimates how much free people value their freedom, especially if they have known the yoke of the Soviet Union.

How does Putin justify the use of nuclear weapons?

Putin said yesterday that the United States had itself set the precedent for the use of nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He forgot to mention that the Japanese were working on making nuclear bombs and that this was not a war of invasion. As Putin has decreed that the annexed territories are Russian, he can now invoke the protection of Russian territory to justify the use of nuclear weapons. However, in theory, the use of armament can only be done in the event of an existential threat against Russia. But as far as Putin is, this existential threat can be interpreted however he sees fit.

What is Volodymyr Zelensky's answer?

Putin called on Ukraine to lay down its arms and negotiate peace. But Zelensky intends to take back the Ukrainian territories that were stolen. He refuses to negotiate with Putin, because he does not trust him, but says he is open to discussion with his successor. In addition, Zelensky is now formally asking NATO to admit Ukraine into its alliance.

Could Ukraine join NATO?

Ukraine will not soon become a member of NATO. Accepting Ukraine into NATO would mean NATO going to all-out war with Russia. However, NATO's position could change very quickly if Putin made the very serious mistake of bombarding Ukraine with nuclear weapons. However, the rapprochement between Ukraine and NATO should continue.

The Russian Conquests and the Atomic Weapon