The Russian ruble took second place in the list of most volatile currencies in the world

The sharp fall of the Russian ruble led to the fact that in the list of most volatile currencies in the world, he took second place.

It is reported Bloomberg.

Российский рубль занял второе место в списке самых нестабильных валют мира

It is noted that in the list of most volatile currencies, the Russian ruble lost only Mexican pesos. According to experts, the volatility of the ruble in the short term to be 24.9 per cent, while the Mexican peso 26,5%.

It is reported that in December 2019 ruble took the sixth position and it was the best indicator in 2014. However, the failure of the transaction OPEC+ and, as a consequence, a +, a sharp decline in oil prices, as well as pandemic coronavirus has led to the fact that from January to March, 2020, the Russian ruble has lost about 30% of the cost.

Now the dollar on the Moscow stock exchange reached 81 of the ruble, and Euro 88 rubles. At the same time Saudi Arabia continues its price war with the Russian Federation due to the failure of the transaction OPEC+, as increasing amounts of oil at a low price. Brent crude fell below $ 27 per barrel.

Russian experts note that the ruble may recover.

“If we consider this fall in the long term, the panic is not worth it to succumb. You can see on the chart the previous lows and see that, for example, in February 2015, the dollar was worth 68 rubles, and in may fell to 49,” said Russian analyst of the company “Finam” Sergey Drozdov.

However, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that the Russian economy is under threat. The timing of the epidemic is coronavirus and oil war with the Saudis will fall to 100 rubles per dollar.