The Russian-speaking Internet users staged a virtual siege of the White house

The Russian-speaking Internet users staged a “virtual siege” in an official White house accounts in social networks, writes “Voice of America”.

Русскоязычные пользователи интернета устроили виртуальную осаду Белого дома

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They leave hundreds of comments expressing their dissatisfaction with the post, published in Instagram the White house, in which the winners of the Nazis can only name the UK and USA. At the same time unhappy comments publish almost all posts on the page of the White house, even if they do not relate to the Second world war.

Commentators publish the texts of the Russian songs about war, write about the Soviet soldiers, writing about the victory of the USSR and even share recipes of traditional Russian dishes, such as pie. Previously, Russians were encouraged to “leave your thoughts in the comments” rapper Timati. And under the post White house appeared recording ISA Dolmatova, singer Valeria, Maria Kozhevnikova and other Russian stars.

The essence of the scandal

May 8 in the official accounts of the White house has a video where Donald trump lays a wreath to those killed during the Second world war.

The video is accompanied by the caption: “may 8, 1945, the United States and Britain defeated the Nazis! The American spirit always wins. In the end, exactly what happens”. Superimposed on the video recording of the speech trump, in which he utters these words.

In response, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia expressed outrage “attempts to distort the outcome of the defeat of Nazism and the decisive contribution of our country that do not stop in Washington.”

“I can’t go past posted on the pages of the White house in social commentary, where the victory over Nazi Germany attributed to exclusively “the US and the UK,” — said in a statement the foreign Ministry of Russia. American officials did not have the courage and desire even halfword to pay tribute to the undeniable role and commensurate to the enormous casualties suffered by then the Red Army and the Soviet people in the name of all mankind.”

The Russian foreign Ministry also promised to make “a serious conversation” about this with our American colleagues.

In response, the Russian star and Internet users began to “siege” of the social networks of the White house.

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