The Russians accused US of fraud, was sentenced to 9 years in prison

The court in Virginia has sentenced Alexey Burkov to nine years in prison, finding him guilty of fraud. According to estimates, the charges, the Russians caused damage worth more than $20 million this writes the BBC.

Россиянина, обвиняемого в США в кибермошенничестве, приговорили к 9 годам тюрьмы

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Burkov has received in six years less than requested by the prosecution. He pleaded guilty, but only two points out of five: admitted to fraud with access devices, as well as in conspiracy to commit fraud, theft of personal information, invasion of computer systems and money laundering, RIA Novosti reported. If the court will read to him good behavior, Burkov will be able to go in about three years, writes the associated press.

“Kommersant” with reference to the words of the attorney Burkov wrote that the accused made a deal with prosecutors to dismiss three counts in return for a guilty plea on two.

“Alexey Burkov has received a proposal from the U.S. attorney’s office, the agreement on cooperation achieved,” — said the publication of the Advisor group for the protection of Russian Arkady Bukh. Previously, Burke denied all charges against him.

The judge ruled that Burke was serving his sentence in the district of the district of Columbia, where Washington, writes the associated press. This decision was made, so he was easier to communicate with your attorney that may be necessary “for reasons which I need not explain,” reports the words of the judge.

Lawyer Burkova Gregory Stumbo, who asked that his client served time in the area, declined to comment on whether Burke to be part of a prisoner exchange between Russia and the United States, says the Agency.

Already served will be counted

“The court decided that your sentence would be 108 months on the second charge, and in the fifth paragraph your sentence will be 60 months. However, these terms are parallel, that is, your final sentence of 108 months”, — quotes the judge RIA Novosti.

The judge noted that the term Burkov reckoned already served the punishment in Israel (where he was arrested), about four and a half years, and the time spent in detention in the United States from November 2019.

Burkov also will be required to pay restitution in the amount of seven thousand dollars. After prison he will be under surveillance, even though the judge has noticed that, most likely, he is deported.

Fraudulent purchase of 20 million

As stated by the American prosecution, Burkov in 2009-2013 led Cardplanet website, which sold stolen credit card data, many of which belonged to US citizens.

It is argued that the data was compromised of 150 thousand cards, and it was made the fraudulent purchases at $ 20 million. The cost data ranged from 2.5 to 60 dollars.

In addition, according to the prosecution, the Russians organized the forum “Direct Connection”, on which “elite cyber criminals were able to meet and safely post messages to plan various cybercrimes”, to buy and sell stolen goods and services, such as personal data and malicious software. Also, there was supposedly offered criminal services, money laundering and hacking. Wishing to get on the forum had to pay five thousand dollars, and they had to vouch for three of his party.

“Once you become a member of the “Direct Connection”, you become a criminal, because you have access to the best criminals in the world,” reports the associated press news Agency the words of the representative of state charge Kellen Dwyer at a meeting on Friday, June 26.

Burkov was detained in 2015 at the airport of tel Aviv, and in November 2019, was extradited to the United States. The process was in Federal court in the Eastern district in Virginia, since the cards whose data was sold to a convicted Russian citizen, was issued by the Bank, whose headquarters is located in this state.



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