The Russians called an ambulance and forced the doctors to clean the apartment, threatening with an axe

Россиянин вызвал скорую и заставил врачей убирать в квартире, угрожая топором

In Russia, a man called an ambulance and forced the doctors to clean his apartment while swinging a hatchet. The incident occurred in the Astrakhan region. It is reported

In Russia very often there are incidents of family violence and bullying. The main reason for the inadequate behavior of people is the abuse of alcohol or drugs, though not infrequently observed, and mental disorders.

A similar case of violence due to mental disorders has occurred in the Astrakhan region. It became known that the man is inadequate suffers from many mental disorders. The mentally ill were supposed to receive medical care in a special inpatient as potentially dangerous to communicate with other people.

As reports regional management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the region, a statement to the police wrote to the injured employee ambulance. The physician stated that the team came to call the patient, but her son refused to allow doctors into the apartment. Inadequate man started complaining and freaking out that he is doing their job “is taking care of a sick mother.” The inhabitant of the Astrakhan region decided to force doctors to restore order in the apartment, but they refused to do, whereupon the psychopath took an ax and began to threaten a rescue team.

Fortunately, none of the doctors were not injured, but it later emerged that the 63-year-old man consists on the account in a psychiatric hospital. After the incident, inadequate person was directed on is judicial-medical Commission that made the ruling that a man requires treatment in inpatient psychiatric hospitals – potentially dangerous to society. Currently, the case is directed to court.