The Russians faked the kidnapping of her daughter, not to give it to school

Россияне инсценировали похищение дочери, чтобы не отдавать ее в школу

They were helped by a priest.

In Russia in the Lipetsk region the parents of eight-year-old girl faked her disappearance in order not to give training in school. It turned out that they were against her education due to religious beliefs, reports the with reference to TSN.

As found by the local Prosecutor’s office, the child was born in the house of friends of my parents when they lived in the Tver region. To register a girl they did not. According to local media, she has no birth certificate. Last year, the family moved to Lipetsk oblast. There, despite the lack of documents, the child was enrolled in one of the schools by order of the Director.

However, the girl’s parents were against her learning. And then together with the priest they organized her kidnapping and secretly brought her daughter in Moscow oblast. On the Day of knowledge, when potential first-grader did not come to school, the house parents came to the Director with child services. The mother lied that the baby was gone. The woman checked on a polygraph, after which she confessed to cheating and told where her daughter. It turned out that the child was taken to the Moscow region town of Shchyolkovo.

The local Prosecutor’s office has fined a family on two thousand roubles. While checking the child’s mother was issued a temporary registration, she also agreed to give a daughter in school. The birth certificate they have to issue through the courts.

We will remind, earlier in a Network there was video footage which show that in Marienburger the Church of the intercession (Russia) during the sacrament of baptism was injured the child. The Abbot Photius (Necheporenko) with the power dipped a baby in a heart-rending screams of the mother and the baby.

In turn, the priest was surprised by the claims of the child’s mother in relation to the fact that the baby allegedly received bruises and abrasions, and stated that his actions kid does not get hurt. “I have 26 years and always try to baptize”, he said.