The Ryerson students conducted a one-day “strike” (PHOTO)

Студенты Райерсона проводят однодневную «забастовку» (ФОТО)

On Wednesday, the students of Ryerson University staged a protest against funding cuts initiated by the government Ford.

The students of the University located in the city center, organized a picket in front of the student learning centre for Ryerson University on Yonge Street to draw public attention to the “aggression of the government against students and youth”.

The organizers said that the students of York University and OCAD University today, also conduct similar demonstrations in their campuses.

Students protest against cuts in aid programs to the students of Ontario and urge the government to cancel the “initiative of providing choice for students” in which students have the opportunity to opt out of additional contributions, due to which there are student groups, student unions and University Newspapers and radio stations.

“We will speak with all students, talking with them about the cuts, about how important it is that we went on strike, so we revived the tradition in English Canada, who are well established in Quebec,” said Hermes Azam, President of the student strike Committee of Ryerson University in an interview with CP24 Wednesday morning.

The organizers also call for the abolition of tuition fees and the cancellation of all student debt.

“Since January, when the government, Ford announced a reduction of expenditures on higher education by more than $ 600 million, the students said that they have to tighten their belts to Prime Ford could cut taxes for their rich friends,” reads a press release of the student strike Committee of Ryerson University, published earlier this week.

“For this cut scholarships to students from low-income families, have abandoned the grace period for payment of interest on the loan for training, reduced education funding and more…students cannot be passive in this situation”.