The salaries of officials reduced only for the period of quarantine

Pursuant to the budget act an emergency situation, the Supervisory Board of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” gave the order to reduce payments to Board members.

Зарплаты чиновникам уменьшили только на период карантина

As reports “Hvil”, reported the press service of “Naftogaz”.

It is noted that according to the law of 13 April salaries of the Board and remuneration of members of Supervisory boards of companies was set at the level not exceeding 10 minimum wages.

However, this applies only from 1 April to the end of the quarantine.

The head of Board of NJSC Andriy KOBOLEV said that Naftogaz was and remains law-abiding and responsible member of the Ukrainian society. “Immediately after the entry into force of the law, which limits the maximum wage of the governing bodies of public companies, we have stopped the payment of salaries and all other remunerations to the members of the Board of the company.”

It should be noted that the adopted amendments to the state budget in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, the heads of state companies, members of Executive bodies and Supervisory boards maximum salary is limited to 47 thousand hryvnias.

This amount does not take into account allowances for temporary incapacity, for healing, as well as financial aid and payment of annual leave.