The salary of the head of “Naftogaz” suggested to bind to the “minimum salary”

The salaries of the heads of state companies in Ukraine should be tied to the minimum wage.

Зарплату главы «Нафтогаза» предложили привязать к «минималке»

This opinion was expressed by the former Prime Minister of Ukraine (2001-2002) Anatoly Kinah, reports Hvylya, citing ObozTV.

Thus politician commented on the millions work of the head of “Naftogaz” Andrew Kobolyev.

“KOBOLEV Manager, employed under contract with the state. Due to some decisions of the Stockholm arbitration in favor of Ukraine in judicial claims to “to Gazprom” and the Russian Federation, counted that Ukraine should receive from “Gazprom” about 2.9 billion dollars. The Supervisory Committee is issued with the award management in millions of dollars,” – said Kinakh.

According to him, Korolev listed the of the bonus, before “Gazprom” has agreed to transfer these billions of dollars at the expense of “Naftogaz”.

The former Prime Minister called snap payroll management of state-owned companies existing in Ukraine social standards.

“I would take the basis of the minimum wage. As it exists in developed countries: the rate of payment high-level Manager is 8-10 times the minimum wage. About 40-45 thousand per month – and that’s enough,” the politician said.

“This is not just a financial issue, there are also serious moral factor. When the so-called managers receive monthly millions of hryvnias in conditions when the average salary in Ukraine is 12-13 thousand UAH a month, this is unacceptable”, – summed Kinakh.